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Just a note to say that my newest book went live on Amazon on June 8. It is called Dark Watershed: The Breaking of America, and it is my take on some things that may happen when Trump is elected in November this year (yes, I am willing to bet that is going to happen).

This is the back cover blurb. 



David More

ISBN 9781738155835

The Breaking of America

It’s 2029!

Eighty Million Americans have run out of fresh water.

Laura Smithyman, physician and neophyte Prime Minister is holding together a

shaky coalition with its gigantic and increasingly hostile neighbour the United

States of America.

With a four decades long drought plaguing the United States Southwest, their

newly elected president plans to make good on her campaign promises to

bring fresh water to the desert. The New American Republic looks to their

northern neighbour to fulfi ll this promise, but Canada’s water is not for sale.

As tensions increase between the two historically friendly neighbours to levels

not seen since the war of 1812, Canada is put in the unenviable position of

preparing to defend the longest undefended border in the world against the

most powerful military machine in history. Can it be done?

This is the newest book in the Smithyman Saga. Historian More unlocks the

complicated history dispelling many myths both historical and contemporary,

related to the long relationship between Canada and the United States that

divided northern North America into two sovereign states.

The fi rst four volumes of the saga chronicle the lives, loves, and times of the

family, friends and enemies of Sir William (Billy) Smithyman on the colonial

frontier of Northeastern North America. Before, during and after the American

Revolution, the story spans generations as Billy marries the fi erce love of his

life, the Kanien’kehá:ka Turtle Clan leader Laura Silverbirch and rises to wealth

and power trading with her people, the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) for fur. As

a result of the family remaining loyal to the British Crown they lose everything

during the war of independence and are forced to build a new country out of

the vast, forested wilderness north of the St. Lawrence River and the Great


Dark Watershed continues the saga with a jump shift into the near future.

Laura Smithyman, a direct descendant of Billy and Laura, has been elected

Prime Minister of Canada. Her mettle will be tested, just as her ancestors’

were, by renewed war with the United States. This time the Americans want

Canada’s fresh water.



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