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 Hello, Friends!! Just a note to say that my newest book went live on Amazon on June 8. It is called Dark Watershed: The Breaking of America, and it is my take on some things that may happen when Trump is elected in November this year (yes, I am willing to bet that is going to happen). This is the back cover blurb.  Dark Watershed David More ISBN 9781738155835 The Breaking of America It’s 2029! Eighty Million Americans have run out of fresh water. Laura Smithyman, physician and neophyte Prime Minister is holding together a shaky coalition with its gigantic and increasingly hostile neighbour the United States of America. With a four decades long drought plaguing the United States Southwest, their newly elected president plans to make good on her campaign promises to bring fresh water to the desert. The New American Republic looks to their northern neighbour to fulfi ll this promise, but Canada’s water is not for sale. As tensions increase between the two historically friendly neighbours