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So, here we all are, in the 21st Century. Welcome to the past.

  Dr. Dave, Ph.D. History, Queen's University Convocation 2022 Well, it has been a long while since I last posted, and the world has truly changed. Covid has come and stayed. Trump has come and (maybe, hopefully) gone (to prison, soon, please!). Russia has betrayed its cruel true self and invaded Ukraine with the aim of exterminating its independent existence. But the dark clouds of white Christian bigotry against liberal concepts of female equality, LGBTQ2+ gender identification, racial equity and so many other progressive, humanitarian concepts have begun to dominate the west. Here in Canada, we seem to be holding them off for now, but the hateful, ignorant, so-called "Freedom Convoy" in the winter of 2022 is a harbinger of much, much worse to come. These folks, however laughable their present ignorant manifestation may be ("What First Amendment?" the judge asked), they are a growing force, organized and led by "dark" money which aims to destroy any