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Ratty was Right Department

I am thinking (having received a strong hint) that my blog should have a title, and I have duly fomented a tentative one although perhaps too prosaic, as follows: Along the Fourth Coast:    Jottings and Blatherings from Canada's Deep South It's probably not the most inspiring thing you ever saw, but hoping it is unpretentious enough to serve as the title for this column, that I don't pretend to be anything but musings from someone with, you know, a somewhat haphazardly functional brain and intermittently, dimly positive spirit. I find myself now to have become, among other  eclectic things  at the age of 67, a writer, student of history and a lover of the Fresh Coast of Canada, particularly my little bit of it here on the (Lower) Great Lakes, but also other places -- mostly, as you will see, water-connected. All I can say about what you will find here is that I will try to lie no more than any other storyteller! Ratty was Right   Department, August 17, 2017* If yo