July 10, 2017, Kingston

Hi, folks, I suppose it's a good way to start, with a photo of ephemeral history -- the rendezvous of the Three Sisters in 2017. Here they are, at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. Pathfinder on the left, in white, Playfair in blue, and Kingston's own St. Lawrence II resplendent in black with the ochre "Nelson chequer"stripe. All were designed by noted Kingston Naval Architect Francis MacLachlan as vehicles for "Outward Bound" type youth leadership training, and very successful they have been, since the first was launched in 1953. This will be a new blog, since I can't seem to get back into my old one, but you can still see those long-ago posts at A quick update -- much has happened since 2013 (go figure). Fireship Press has published my first three novels and has the manuscript for number four in hand ( The King's Salt ), which I hope will see the light of day this year. I have begun work